5 Star Guarantee

SoBeNY stands behind our service, our locations, but most importantly the satisfaction of our guests. If you are unhappy with anything regarding your stay, give us a call and let us correct it for you. It is our guarantee that if we are unable to resolve it in a reasonable fashion then your next night is on us!

What We Provide

Customer Service

World class service, We ensure greatness and guarantee a good stay.


A kitchen fully stocked with the essentials of a good time. (Yes, we have the recipe.) [with pots, pans, and utensils, you name it we’ve got it.] – We need to accomplish this.

Living Areas

Living rooms and dining areas that are ultra-comfortable. *We agree, somethings are just better with friends


In the heart of the City. Yes, that one, that one, and yes that other one too.


Plush Towels, soft Linens, blankets, and yes, they’re all clean*, as are the replacements in the closet. *It’s a shame that at some places you must ask that. Not with us though.

Washer / Dryer

And if you make a mess then most of our places have Washers and Dryers to take care of that as well.


Each of our homes has something unique, but useful.